Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Cassandra at the Hollybush Pub Hampstead

These are a series of charcoal pictures I did of the actress/performer Cassandra Tomaz. She is half Brazilian, half German model who is also an experienced samba dancer and a great model. Besides not using a great scanner and the pictures not being that great, I am still proud of them as they are the first pictures I have done since a very long time.

This was a 20 minute pose, and I have found out that I cannot work fast no matter how hard I try. Therefore as you can see little time has been spent on the face. Where the light catches her body I did the most basic thing of highlighting it with white pastels. I think I got the structure of her body well from the neck downwards but not so much her arm. Breasts I found hard to do when the female is lying down, but the definition of her rib cage was done well I think.

This one is not that good even though it was a great pose by Cassadra. It is not a good realisation of space hence why I shaded al the dense space in black. It still didn't help the pictue though.

Even though the face is extremely basic (I stress again that I was pressed for time; it was another 20 minute pose)I still like this piture. It looks very modern, (even though it was not intended to be). Cassadra has natural caramel tanned skin, (being that she is Brazilian and all) this is not reflected in the picture but I felt the need to try and document her bikini lins around her breasts. I doctored the rest by having a blue background ala Henri Matisse. (Le Danse)

This is my favourite picture as it is the most detailed and accomplished. I made the body less orange than the rest, using more black and white and her tone is better. I also had more time to do the face. Unfortunately not her extended hand. Though it was drawn as if she is suspended in space she is actualy lying on a couch, which is why her hair is defying the laws of gravity by the way it is trailing. Again I could not fit the whole picture in to include her thigh or (which is pissing me off), put the picture in landscape view.

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